What is AI Staffing

AI Staffing is the process of utilizing artificial intelligence to help streamline the recruitment process. When vacant positions are left to languish companies can experience backlogs that are difficult to escape, even once the position is filled. This is why learning, or problem-solving, computer programs are being introduced as staffing aides. These programs take in data that users enter so that they have a database of information that it can pull from. In the case of staffing, the information inputted into these programs is previous job postings. This information includes what the job was, the length of the time the job posting was active, how many applicants there were, how many applicants were interviewed, the number of positions that needed filling, and if the job was filled successfully. This style of AI is similar to survival analysis used by healthcare professionals. Once an AI system has learned a sufficient amount of information they analyze new jobs that are presented to it, performing an equation based on these new parameters that can determine how long it should take to fill a role and how easy it will be, which allows recruiters to allocate additional resources if necessary to fill a vacant position.

Recruiting Efficiency

AI & machine learning are being used to reverse-engineer a candidate that is the perfect fit. It is not just about filling the position as fast as possible, it is about predicting the potential candidate who will perform the best in that spot. One way that AI can do this is by analyzing resumes of those people who have already proven themselves as highly effective in similar positions. Once the AI has analyzed these resumes it can compare future resumes against them and identify ones that are similar, which may correlate to an applicant of the same calibre. Keywords are also important but can be difficult to identify. Keywords can include the job or tasks that will be completed, words regarding education such as “Masters” or “Engineering”, or traits and skills that are specific to the company or job. Using keywords can be a great tool, but AI machines need to be given the right keywords. It is not just about how impressive the university the candidate went to is, or what high profile employer they had in the past because there are other things that make a good employee and other factors that contribute to if an employee will be a good fit for a company. Keywords are wonderful because they can allow you to look at an applicant’s individual traits and not just the applicant as a whole.


AI technology is an incredible tool to help employers find the right person to fill vacancies at their place of work. Hiring managers can be biased, both when reviewing resumes and when interviewing candidates, and using AI technology can help cut down on those biases and make companies look at hiring people they would have otherwise not considered. AI technology also filters out resumes so that you only need to look over the best resumes out of the bunch, without having to review thousands of resumes that are sent in for a single position. As long as AI technology is given the correct information, employers can use them for their AI staffing needs.