Contractors can add a lot of value to a business. This is particularly true of IT contractors, who often hold very specialized skill sets that need to be brought into a business to solve specific problems. Here’s some advice on how to find the best IT contractor for your business.

Be Very Specific with Your Job Aspecific

often today we see job ads with hazy particulars. The duties are unclear, the qualifications are all over the place, and the compensation and project time frames are nowhere to be found. If you want to find the best person for a job, you have to define the job in the first place. This means that the hiring department should prepare the job description, not HR. Make sure they spell out all the technical requirements. Remember: you’re not looking to grow a contractor into the job; they should already be able to do it.

When preparing the job ad, the simpler the description, the better. You’re not looking to win a contractor over with your company’s flowery mission statement. Contractors are mercenaries. They want job info in the form of “X task to be done in X amount of time for X amount of money”.

Try Recruiting over Social Media

Are you recruiting over LinkedIn? What about your company’s Facebook or Twitter? Professionals don’t just check job boards anymore. They also browse social media sites to see who’s hiring.

Posting a job ad on one of these networking platforms offers one great advantage over other recruitment methods: they limit the applicant pool to professionals who are already interested in your company. Anyone who’s following you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter is more serious and qualified than the average applicant.

Attend Industry Gatherings

You’ll never find the best talent through a job board. Just like there’s a hidden job market outside of job ads, there’s also a hidden talent pool. Highly skilled workers don’t usually have to look far to find work, so you need to seek them out.

You can’t hire professionals if you haven’t met them yet, so you should attend industry gatherings regularly to engage with these prospects. Networking events allow you to shoot the breeze with pros in an informal setting, which will help you meet and learn about top talent.

Work with a Technical Recruiter

Even if you follow these tips, you may not find the right man/woman for the job. When all else fails, a technical recruitment firm can help you find a qualified candidate quickly, which will save you some stress. If you have the resources, why suffer through the hiring process when a recruiter can give you immediate access to top talent?


All credit goes to J&M Group