If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, the team you have hired is the backbone of your business. They allow your business to grow every day and have a loyalty to you because they believe in your vision and want to do everything they can to get their job done.

You also know that is expensive to hire more employees to work on a certain major project that may come up in the future. To hire more people you will need to expend more labour costs, insurance, utilities, and office space if you are in a smaller office.

When those major projects come up, the big question you will ask is “should I get a temporary worker or outsource the work?” Before making your choice, read up on the pros of hiring temp workers and the pros for outsourcing.

Pros of Hiring Temp Workers

Easier to Monitor

Hiring a temp worker (also known as staff augmentation) will be more beneficial if you want to fully monitor the work being done. They will report to your office and work with your full-time employees in person, allowing you to see how they work and you will be able to see the progress and quality of your project every day.

Better Communication

If you like having face-to-face conversations with your employees, either about the work they are getting done or about what’s going on in their lives, hiring a temp worker will suit your needs. You will be able to talk with the worker in the office and see where they are at with their work rather than waiting for an extended period of time for an email you sent with questions to an outsourced person.

Build a Team Environment

When you have people physically working in the same space, you get to naturally build a team environment. This keeps people motivated and accountable for the share of work they are expected to pump out, but you can also rely on your teammates to help you out if you are struggling to keep up. Having a great team will keep all aspects of your project in motion.

Pros of Outsourcing

Reduced Costs

When you hire an outsourced freelancer or contractor, you may find better rates for their services. You also won’t have to pay for relocation, benefits or insurance. If your budget is tight and you need work done quickly, getting the work outsourced might be your best option.

Can Hire Anybody Around the World

With the power of the internet, you can hire a qualified freelancer or contractor from anywhere in the world. They can work on the project when you are sleeping if they are in a timezone ahead of yours. They can also work on national holidays like Thanksgiving or Canada Day to keep your project and business going while you take a small vacation.

Always Working with No Time Down

Getting your project outsourced means that the freelancer will always be working on your posted job without asking for vacation time or take days off if they are sick. If they are away, you won’t have to pay them for the time they have missed.